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Your headshot should reflect and show the best of you and who you are in one second.  A Headshot is your personal brand. If your current headshot is not doing it's job today, then you need a headshot which is a dynamic representation of where you should be tomorrow.  Personal branding is the future and everyone is self branding with a head shot.  

I am a headshot photographer.  That's all I do.  My job isn't to just point my camera at you.  No.  You and I are working together to capture a brand new you.  The best of you and to get those doors to fling open for you in what ever you are pursuing in life.

My commitment to you is laser focused on your session day.  Nothing matters to me more than you during your headshot photo session and to capture the best headshot you've ever taken.  It's a collaborative effort and you will leave knowing that we both did the best job ever.

Welcome and see for yourself why these are truly the best head shots in Los Angeles.  You will be included on this list once we complete your headshot session.  The best headshots in Los Angeles are found on this site.'re an official bad ass Jerry" - Peter Hurley 

Jerry Camarillo - Headshot Photographer

Official Peter Hurley Associate photographer 

- "The Best of you" -

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